Tips for Handling Unsolicited Wedding Advice

Once the proposal is made, and everyone close to you has admired your new engagement ring, the next thing that usually follows is a swarm of advice from family members and friends on how you should go about the wedding – things like what to do, where to do it, and who to invite. Of course, this is usually exciting giving, but can get a bit annoying if they get carried away with it all.

Weddings are exciting but let’s not underestimate the amount of stress that comes with it. That is why we have put this post together to help you manage the stress and pressures of external opinions.

It is your wedding, it is you who’s going to get married, and therefore it should be your decision when it comes to the arrangements. Feel free to take advice, if you wish, but ensure that it doesn’t add to the stress. Be clear to those around you that although you appreciate their input, you are going to go with the plan that you and your partner both prefer. Formal, informal, small and intimate or a big celebratory gathering, whichever you decide, stick with what your heart is telling you, rather than be persuaded by unsolicited advice to keep others happy.


Couples need to talk and listen to one another when it comes to their wedding plans. Be clear as a couple about what you want and what you envision for the big day so that when the advice comes flooding in, you can both support each other with regards to the plans you have in mind.


Try to maintain a realistic budget and stick to it as much as you can. It is often easier said than done, but when a budget goes out the window, due to plans getting carried away, it can cause heaps of stress on a couple, which should be focussing on happier times, not financial burdens at this point.

Don’t succumb to the guilt

If you have a hard job telling people no, then you will most likely succumb to guilt during the planning stages. When it comes to wedding planning, and as families offer their input on things like who to invite and who not to invite, it is normal for the couple to experience some small dose of guilt. Especially when a small intimate wedding is on the cards, most likely some relatives won’t be getting the invite they anticipated.

Ensure that you both as a couple are crystal clear about numbers so that you can support each other so that neither is persuaded by their guilt, which ends up disrupting the plans you had in mind.

Listen to the advice

Listening to the advice of relatives and friends never harmed anyone. You should take their advice in mind, but that doesn’t mean you have to implement it fully. But some of it might be very simple tips, or perhaps there’s an idea which could work for you, minus a few adjustments. Families like to get involved so allowing them to have a say is Ok just as long as you can stick to your plans when it comes to what both of you as a couple want.

The rings

When it comes to choosing the wedding rings for the big day, you may be overwhelmed with an array of input from loved ones. Nevertheless, it is vital to remember that this should be a very personal and intimate choice.

Rings are the symbol of the love and commitment between a couple, and it should be your decision, as a couple, to choose them. Allow the family to offer advice on where to buy etc. but make it clear that you both are going to choose your rings as a couple, something that you both love.

Feeling the pressure?

It is quite reasonable to feel some pressure at this point, but you should always have in mind that this is your day!

Everyone’s tastes differ, so do their expectations, and what might be right for someone won’t necessarily be what is right for you.

Stick to your plans and your preferences. Don’t allow the stress of others to put a damper on the occasion. You will have a fantastic wedding. Have fun and enjoy your big day with the ones you love.