What are the basic difficulties to wear kimono in silk?

Silk fabric drape and flow beautifully but the most common difficulty to wear short silk kimono robe it is it crease hardly. It stains easily and is difficult to clean. Yet silk is the ideal fabric to be used while sews a kimono.

Now a day’s these kimonos are being worn on special occasion only in Japan.  These kimonos are mostly known as traditional outfit or fashion in Japanese culture which is being made by other synthetic fabrics too.

Why this silk kimono robe long can’t sewn by machines?

It is usually sewn by hand because it is made from long pieces of fabric with a collar attached with it to give a clean shape around the neck. The fabric which is used to make it is not cut to fit the shape of the wearer but it is draped all around the body. The width of the kimono fabric determines the size of the kimono.

Where one should can purchase the best kimono?

To get the best silk kimono slip into soft site is the best choice, where you can be availed with lots of Varieties in color of kimono as per your choice and size. This is the site which is well known for silk products only. It’s a China based company which is reliable and provide its customer product on reasonable price.

What are the difference between kimono and other Japanese clothes?

There is a traditional cloth in Japan names yukata.The basic difference that can be seen between Yukata and Kimono, is in their fabric. Yukata comes in cotton fabric. On the contrary, a Kimono dress comes in silk fabric. Another difference is that Yukata is worn during the summer season. The Kimono usually has an inner lining whereas the Yukata is sewn from a single layer of fabric. The next difference between both of these clothes are yukata can be sewn by machines but kimono can’t as it has approximately 12 layers in it and it’s design is so vast which can be sewn by hands only. This is also a major reason behind its expensiveness. 

Why silk kimono robe long is expensive?

It takes lots of time and hard work to produce silk fabric that is why silk costumes are expensive in market. From silk production to design a silk costume it’s very tough and has a lengthy process which makes it expensive.