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What are the correct ways of applying sunscreen?

What are the correct ways of applying sunscreen

Sunscreen is similar to toothpaste. If you do not use it regularly or improperly, it will not work. When no sunscreen is utterly efficient at hindering harsh sun rays, many sunburns are caused by wrong or irregular application.

Many skin experts say that most individuals do not adhere to the directions written on the product’s bottle to reapply sunscreen on a regular basis. Also, applying last year’s sunscreen or an expired sunscreen is not a good idea.

How to apply sunscreen correctly?

These are a few simple ways to apply sunscreen:

  1. Use a tbsp of sunscreen (of a minimum of SPF 25) on your face and around 2 oz on your body.
  2. Rather than squeezing a big bottle on your palms and applying, dot the sunscreen straight on your face. This practice helps it soak up swiftly and evenly.
  3. Apply sunscreen first, and after that, apply moisturizer. This is best for dry and itchy skin. But, this is less imperative if you use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide sunscreen.
  4. According to the skin experts, most contact with the sun is casual and minor, which means you get it strolling to the subways or to get lunch, or through your house/office window. Thus, you need to apply sunscreen every day.
  5. Apply zinc oxide on your face to get instant sun protection. Titanium and zinc oxide are minerals that hinder the sun’s harmful UV rays; hence, they work faster than chemical sunscreen ingredients that need to be soaked up to change the light to heat energy in your skin.

Chemical sunscreens require some time to get fully absorbed in your skin. Thus, they need a head start of roughly 20 minutes.

  1. It is good to reapply sunscreen every 90 minutes. A chief sunscreen formulator once said that lots of sunscreens become uneven while exposed to sunlight. It means the cream just stops working, and you need to apply more every one or two hours.
  2. If you go out for lunch, your morning application of sunscreen is already of no use. Therefore, touch up with a mineral-based powder that contains an SPF.

List of best sunscreens in India

  1. Biotique Morning Nectar Sun Protector Sunscreen
  2. Plum Green Tea Day-Light Sunscreen SPF 35 PA+++
  3. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen MatteGel SPF 5
  4. VLCC SPF 60 Sunscreen Gel Crème