What should you now about elopement wedding in Spain?

We will be sharing our top tips for elopement wedding in Spain, how to plan it. There are many beautiful and intimate places to tie the knot across Spain and its islands. There are also magical locations to celebrate and honeymoon after your nuptials.

What is an ELOPEMENT?

Many people think that elopement is something new. It has been around for centuries. In the UK, elopement meant running away from your families and traveling up to Gretna Green, Scotland, to tie the knot. Nowadays, an elopement is a different thing. It is more about celebrating each other than escaping. An elopement in 2021 is a small, intimate wedding that often includes the couple and a few close friends. Search in and find the best places in Spain for elopement wedding.


Madrid is a great place to elope in Spain if you are a young couple who love the city. Madrid is a popular choice for many couples because of its vibrant nightlife, amazing food scene, and beautiful blend of ancient and modern architecture.

The Balearic Islands

Many people think of the Balearic Islands as partying. You can actually find the best places in Spain to elope with just a little bit of research. These beautiful islands offer so many wonderful experiences, from the boohoo chic of Formentera to the stunning coastline of Mallorca to the desert island.


Like Madrid, it is fast-paced, and well known for its excellent gastronomy. Barcelona, however, is home to the unique Gaudi work (an architect). You could use his distinctive architecture as a backdrop for your elopement. Your wedding photographer will be thrilled to capture your portraits.


Valencia is a beautiful place to get married. There are also beautiful places in the surrounding countryside. You can also capture iconic wedding photographs while you walk along the river that runs through the city. Its banks offer a diverse mix of tropical, botanical and ultra-modern scenery, culminating with the famous city of arts and sciences.


Galicia has many beautiful beaches, amazing seafood, and stunning natural backdrops. You will find privacy and tranquility in this area of Spain when you elope. It is surrounded by beautiful water views and rustic architecture.

What is the price? 

Elopement has many benefits. You and your friends can set your budget so you have the freedom to make all the decisions. No matter how big or small, some costs must be clearly defined in your budget. We believe that a destination-wedding planner should be the top of your list. You will need to hire a reliable venue, videographer, hotel, and officiate for the big day. The wedding planner will save you money over the long-term. They will negotiate the best deals and avoid untrustworthy businesses.