What to do for Getting Whiter Teeth?

We all consume all kinds of products that make our bodies suffer. The first line of defense is the oral cavity. All products we enter are first in touch with our tongue and teeth. Because of them, they are the ones that we should take care of the most.

Although they are both made to sustain some serious impacts, they should be treated from time to time. Our tongues are made self-renewing and they are not likely to be destroyed by bad items we consume, but the teeth can take quite a hit.

Why teeth suffer over time?

When we smile, the first thing that others see in us is our teeth. If they are not looking good, the overall perception about us is falling down. This is why people tend to keep them in perfect shape, and you should too. But, how do they suffer over time?

The tooth is made to prepare the food for the rest of the organs in our bodies. They are capable of chowing everything that we have in our human diet. However, modern life made us consume some products that are not as natural as in the past.

They tend to leave stains and change the color of the tooth they come in contact with. The best example of this is coffee. Coffee stains are left there permanently. They can’t be washed with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Of course, regular cleaning will make the difference less obvious, but some particles stay inside the enamel and change the color forever.

Another example is red wine. When red wine gets in touch with our teeth, it leaves a part of its particles and makes the color of the tooth reddish. This is most obvious right after we consume the drink. When we brush our teeth before going to bed, the situation will be slightly different, but some of the stains will never leave.

If you want to see how darker your teeth are now, when you drink coffee regularly, you should find a picture of yourself as a child. Compare it to the image in the mirror and you’ll notice a huge difference. This just tells you how serious this problem is.

How to get back to normal?

Unfortunately, the process is irreversible. You can’t make this naturally go away. You need to use some of the chemicals that are used in today’s modern science for getting whiter teeth again.

There are generally two options – whitening products from the store, or going to the dentist and get a professional whitening procedure. They are both working, but they differ on some points. For example, the home whitening procedures are not going to last for as long as the dental procedure, and there is a bigger chance for something to go wrong.

When you visit the dentist, there’s no way that something’s going to go wrong. The whitening procedure is simple and fast. There’s no pain inflicted, and nothing can go wrong. It’s a simple laser that adds a chemical on your teeth and makes them look whiter.

If you want to know more about the difference and get some tips about it, you can search a little more about it online. There are tons of places that offer information about it, like the one from snow teeth whitening where you can see some of the pros and cons of both procedures.

Natural ways and solutions?

Although this category falls under the section – might work, might not – it’s still something that’s worth mentioning. Some people prefer natural ingredients to help you with whitening your teeth.

Oil pulling

One of the most popular ways is oil pulling. What you need to do is practice oil swishing in your mouth after consuming some of these ingredients we mentioned before. In fact, it’s best if you do it regularly because you’ll get rid of the bacteria and fungi that tend to build up in our oral cavity.

Baking soda

Another way is to brush your teeth with baking soda. It has whitening properties, and this is why many kinds of toothpaste are having it inside. Every time you read “Whitening” on the label of a particular toothpaste, be sure that you’ll read this ingredient in the back where the ingredient section is.

1% hydrogen peroxide

This is actually the main ingredient used in dental whitening. However, the procedure that is being done by pros uses a much higher concentration. If you use this daily, you need just 1% solution that you’ll involve in the brushing of your teeth.

Lots of studies suggested that those whitening kinds of toothpaste that contain both hydrogen peroxide and baking soda inside had a significantly higher chance to do great results for their clients.

So, if you don’t like using instant solutions, you can just opt for a toothpaste that will give you these kinds of results. Take a look at this link and learn more about this compound.

What is the best solution?

There’s no question about having your teeth brushed with toothpaste every day. If you opt for the solutions we mentioned above, that’s great. However, your teeth might still have a shade of color that is not working for you.

In this situation, there’s nothing wrong with going to the dentist. We don’t say buying some of the many options from the stores, because the dentists are going to do it much better, and there’s no risk involved.

On top of it, the duration of the dental procedure is going to last more. The typical solution off the store might last a couple of weeks, but the dental procedure will give you from 6 to 12 months. So, if you’re about to choose, always choose this option.


These are the options you have when you need to find a whitening solution. It’s up to you what you’re going to choose. Be aware of the pros and cons of all of the options, and make the final cut based on your understanding and needs.