Which Camo Wedding Ring Sets To Buy

When it comes to finding great country or southern wedding rings it can be difficult. There are a lot of choices. Some very expensive and to be honest have a price that looks cheap. I am Shelly from Southern Sisters Designs. Over the years we have sold over 125,000 orders to customers just like you. We specialize in camo and county, but not jewelry we also manufacture apparel, bathing suits, tees and a lot of similar couples items. After all the couples that fish or hunt together stay together – lol. 

When it comes to camouflage wedding rings the first thing that you have to decide is what the women is looking for in her ring. Does she want a band or a stone. Princess cut cz stones are amazing as many cubic zirconias are. If you choose this then the ring and especially the prong setting need to be in titanium or sterling silver. Even sterling silver has its negative side. Titanium we have found is a great option. It looks amazing, lasts (never turns) and is much cheaper than a sterling silver ring. Don’t even think about stainless steel. 

If you are wanting just a band we strongly suggest the tungsten rings. This metal is one of our favorite because it is so easy to cut, dent and destroy many of the other metals but tungsten is extremely pretty but tough. For camo wedding bands we offer tungsten because the price and Southern Sisters Designs also offers a full 2 year warranty on all rings. We very rarely have any of the tungsten items come back to us. The cz stone can occasionally get knocked from the setting but this too is also very rare. 

Mixing the tungsten with the titanium ring is not a problem. The metals look very similar and bother are extremely high quality. From there you have to narrow down to the color camouflage that you would like. WE carry traditional green hunting camo, along with snow white, blaze orange, purple that is not muddy girl but instead a traditional camo with a purple background – a hot seller.  WE also offer teal, midnight black and a few others. All of these sell well. And if that is not enough we have fish hook heart rings, deer skull with tracks for men and women and hunting and fishing scenes. Yes, we do have quite a few options for buck and doe rings as well. 

We believe in a fair price so we keep the price of our rings extremely fair. We have actually had potential customers go buy a much higher price because they assumed that if the price is low then so is the quality. This is not true. Give us a try and see why we are one of the leading online providers of camo jewelry, necklaces, couples rings and more.