Yarning 101: Best types of yarn for a sweater

Knitting is a very fun and relaxing activity which is beloved by lots of people all over the world, regardless of the country or the climate they live in. Many knitters create amazing pieces for themselves, their family members, friends, and even pets! If you are interested in starting practicing this hobby, you probably have many questions, and one of the most important of them being “what yarn should I buy that would be perfect for beginners?”. We are here to help you, so if you would like to find out what yarn is the best one to make the most classic knitted garment ever, a sweater, then keep reading this article!

Classic wool

This one goes without saying: the classic, natural wool is the best fiber for knitting lots of things, including sweaters. It is durable, breathable, and regulates your body temperature. If you can somehow manage to get your hands on natural, unprocessed and untreated wool, for example from a farm, consider yourself lucky, because this type of textile has even more benefits. For example, it is a natural UV protector and it is water and odor-repellent. You can use wool by itself to make a sweater, or you can blend it with other fabrics to create a more elastic garment. If you don’t know where to start your knitting, you can try by making a classic Irish sweater. If you need some inspiration, Tara Irish Clothing has some great Irish sweaters with both simple and more complex stitches and patterns, so that everyone can find what they’re looking for. 


Although technically cashmere is also a type of wool, it is a much more delicate, thin, and soft fabric. A cashmere sweater is a must have in the wardrobe, regardless if you bought it or made it yourself. It feels extremely soft and gentle to skin, it provides great insulation that keeps you warm, and, in opposition to the traditional wool, cashmere is lightweight, which makes it more comfortable and elegant to wear. A downside of cashmere is that it is an expensive and rather luxurious fabric that can cost a pretty penny, so this is an important thing to keep in mind when shopping for yarn. 


Surprisingly, cotton is yet another yarn that is suitable for knitting sweaters. Because it is usually associated with the summertime, the heat, and very thin and breathable clothing, many people think that it cannot be used for creating thicker, warmer garments, which can’t be further away from the truth. It is, of course, less warm than wool, but it is still highly versatile, soft, and easy to use, so that it is a wonderful option for new knitters. Cotton is also much cheaper than wool, which can be another benefit for those who are at the beginning of their road. Cotton sweaters, vests, and especially cardigans are easy to make and will be an amazing addition to your wardrobe.

Acryl or acrylic blends 

Most beginners think mistakenly that only natural fibers such as the ones mentioned above are suitable for knitting a sweater. This is false. Although natural fibers do indeed have lots of benefits that synthetic textiles don’t, the latter ones have their fair amount of benefits. They are elastic, they don’t shrink, and are very durable. Compared to wool or tweed, they blend better with other fabrics and are hard to break or damage. Another significant benefit is their price, because since their production process is less expensive than of a natural fiber, they are more affordable, which is a great advantage for beginners who want to test the ground of knitting and don’t want to spend a fortune on yarns.